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Blackboard Introduction SP11

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Short Blackboard introduction TU Delft


1Challenge the future Blackboard SP11 introduction Blackboard, a digital learning environment e-Learning Support, O&S 23-7-2013 2Challenge the future Contents • NetID • Log in to Blackboard • Global Navigation and notifications • MyTUDelft • MyContent • Courses • Organizations • MyStudentInfo • Osiris • Student Resources • My Campus Life • Campus Life • Library and StudentPortal • Blackboard Mobile • Help 3Challenge the future NetID • NetID gives access to TU Delft sites and services • Activate at > New Students • Contact Service Desk for NetID questions 4Challenge the future Log in to Blackboard • Go to • Log in with NetID • Forgot your password? Go to or contact the Service Desk 5Challenge the future Global Navigation and notifications • Navigate through Blackboard using the menu on top left < Main menu < Sub menu • Check notifications (announcements, updates, etc.) on top right 6Challenge the future MyTUDelft • Add or remove modules • Organize modules on page • Personalize Page: Change look and feel 7Challenge the future My Content • My Content is your personal file repository and has capacity of 200 MB • Click upload to upload files or packages 8Challenge the future Courses • Search a course via • Course Search • Course Catalog • Check year and period • Enroll Enroll 9Challenge the future Courses • Announcements • Course Information • Lecture notes • Assignments • Tools • My Grades • Unenroll • Groups (enrollment) Content 10Challenge the future Organizations • Search a course via • Course Search • Course Catalog • Enroll Enroll 11Challenge the future MyStudentInfo • Watch lectures online via Collegerama • View MyTimetable • Order readers 12Challenge the future MyStudentInfo My Timetable • Schedule / location of lectures and exams • Edit profile, add courses • manually • via Blackboard • by studentnumber • by study programme • Export schedule to PDF, iCal or CSV 13Challenge the future MyStudentInfo • Click “Start Osiris” in order to • Register for exams • View grades Osiris Student 14Challenge the future MyStudentInfo Student Resources • Download software: Go to software > Check “I agree with the requirements” > Go to Software 15Challenge the future My Campus Life Campus Life • OpenCourseware information • Delft Calendar • TU Delft on iTunesU • Studium Generale Events 16Challenge the future My Campus Life Library and StudentPortal • Library contains links to: • Library Website • Discover (search engine for Thesis projects, books and papers) • StudentPortal links to 17Challenge the future Blackboard Mobile • Mobile application for using Blackboard • You can find it at MyTUDelft Tab 18Challenge the future Help • Website: • Email: • Phone: (015 278) 9194 • Office: Jaffalaan 9a room A3.020 • Blackboard IM: tab School, ELS@TUDelft … or simply click on the “Support” tab on the right on Blackboard e-Learning Support Mo – Fr: 9.00 – 17.00 Sa – Su: closed