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Prova de Ingles


Escola Municipal Geraldo de Assis Martinho Campos Minas GeraisAvaliao de Ingls Bimestral 2 ano Maurcio de Souza 16/04/2015Nome: ____________________________________________ N ______Professor: Joo Paulo Gentil de Melo

1- Escolha qual forma completa: Comparativa ou Superlativa:

I. This is ________ book in the whole store.

a) more expensiveb) the most expensive

II. That shirt is ________ than the other one.

a) dirtierb) the most dirty

III. Peter was laughing hard, but his wife was laughing even ________!

a) the hardestb) harder

IV. He is ________ man that I know.

a) strongerb) the strongest

V. Robert is never on time. He always arrives ________ than the rest of us.

a) laterb) the latest

VI. That is ________ song I've ever heard!

a) betterb) the best

VII. Your cat is ________ than ours.

a) smallerb) the smallest

VIII. I thought this test would be difficult, but it's ________ test I've ever taken.

a) the easiestb) easier

IX. Out of all the films I've seen, this one is ________.

a) sadderb) the saddest

X. Your answer is wrong, but it's ________ than the other students' answers.

a) the most correctb) more correct

2- Escreva o adjetivo em sua forma correta:COMPARATIVE or SUPERLATIVE.

a) Los Angeles is___________________________ (large) than Chicago. b) New York is the __________________________ (large) city of the United States. c) The weather in Hollywood is_______________________ (good) than in New York or New Jersey. d) Nestor Studios is the_________________________ (old) Movie Company in Hollywood. e) Disneyland is_____________________________ (interesting) than any other amusement park.3- Indique a palavra que significa "mais forte":

a) largerb) clearerc) higherd) bettere) stronger4- Assinale a alternativa que corresponde traduo mais adequada da expresso, em destaque, a seguir: Voc a pessoa MAIS INTERESSANTE que j conheci.

a) the more interesting b) the interestingerc) the most interesting d) the much interesting e) the best interesting

Are you a chocoholic?

Do you like chocolate? Do you like it very much? Does a piece of chocolate satisfy you or isnt itjust enough? Do you need a bar of chocolate when you feel depressed? Just one? Be careful you maybe addicted! Chocolate contains small amounts of three drugs. When you get too much of any of the three,your body becomes chemically dependent addicted on the drug. One of the drugs is caffeine, which is also in coffee and tea. Caffeine is a stimulant, and canal sointerfere with the way you absorb vitamins. Another drug in chocolate is also a mild stimulant. Thethird drug causes your brain to produce a type of hormone that makes you feel happy. Thats why youlike it so much! In Britain, the average person eats nine kilos of chocolate a year. Thats too much! And toomuch of any drug is harmful. So next time you unwrap the third or fourth chocolate bar of the day,watch out!


enough: suficiente, amount:quantidade, mild: suave, brain: crebro, average: media,harmful: prejudicial, towatch out: tomar cuidado

* Responda s questes em ingls, de acordo com o texto:

a) Como o chocolate apresentado?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

b) Segundo o texto, o chocolate contm pequenas quantidades de 3 drogas. Cite duas delas e o quepodem causar.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

c) De acordo com o texto, o que faz com que voc goste tanto de chocolate?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

d) Qual a quantidade de chocolate que uma pessoa consome por ano? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________Quem cedo e bem aprende, tarde ou nunca esquece. Sucesso!Prof Joo Paulo Melo