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050100150200250300% return per annum (lines)Index value (shaded area)Todos os imveis /All Property Index0510152025Outros / OtherIndustrial / IndustrialEscritrios / OfficeRetalho / RetailTodos os imveis / All Property 200820072006200520042003200220012000ndice Imobilirio Anual Portugus Imomtrica / IPDImomtrica / IPD Portugal Annual Property IndexResultados anuais data de 31 de Dezembro de 2008Results for the year to 31st December 2008O ndice Imobilirio Anual PortugusImomtrica / IPD mede a performancedo investimento imobilirio detidodirectamente para o perodocompreendido entre duas avaliaes demercado, que em 2008 foi de 2.6%.O ndice de Investimento Imobilirio Anual Portugus Imomtrica / IPD no apropriado nem est autorizado a ser utilizado como benchmark deperformance de carteiras de investimento imobilirio ou gestores de carteira queno sejam participantes do servio IPD em Portugal. O IPD rejeita qualquerresponsabilidade por eventuais perdas, danos, custos ou despesas resultantesda utilizao da presente informao.The Imomtrica / IPD Portuguese Annual Property Index is neither appropriatenor authorised by IPD for use as a benchmark for portfolio or managerperformance. IPD has no liability for any losses, damages, costs or expensessuffered by any person as a result of any reliance on this information.Caractersticas da base de dados Imomtrica / IPD Portugal Annual Property Index database profileValor dos imveis Nmero de imveis Nmero de portfliosCapital value Number of properties Number of fundsm %Todos os imveis / All Property 8,610 100.0 741 26Retalho / Retail 4,624 53.7 190 21Escritrios / Office 1,760 20.4 256 18Industrial / Industrial 774 9.0 111 13Residencial / Residential 104 1.2 16 6Outros / Other 1,347 15.6 168 15Os valores apresentados em cima representam a cobertura total da Base de dados Portuguesa do IPD data de 31 de Dezembro de 2008. O ndice Imobilirio AnualPortugus Imomtrica / IPD considera apenas imveis reavaliados presentes na base de dados.The figures above represent the full coverage of the Imomtrica / IPD Portuguese Property database as at December 2008. The Imomtrica / IPD Portuguese AnnualProperty Index employs only fully revalued assets from that database.The Imometrica / IPD Portugal AnnualProperty Index measures ungeared totalreturns to directly held standing propertyinvestments from one open marketvaluation to the next and in 2008returned 2.6%.Aviso Disclaimer IPD (Investment Property Databank Ltd.) 2009 All rights conferred by law of copyright, by virtue of international copyright conventions and all other intellectual property laws are reserved byIPD. No part of the Imomtrica / IPD Portuguese Property Index may be reproduced or transmitted, in any form or by any means, without the prior written consent of IPD.AnnualPerformance Histrica Historical performanceDados comparativos Comparative DataAces / Equities 68.1 -49.6 ~ ~ -6.8 1.9 -4.2 Obrigaes / Bonds 169.9 3.6 ~ ~ 2.6 4.3 6.1 Inflao / Inflation 128.2 0.8 ~ ~ 2.0 2.2 2.8 Data sources: FininfoRetornos do ndice Imobilirio Anual Portugus Imomtrica / IPD Imomtrica / IPD Portugal Annual Property Index returnsndice retorno total Retorno total Retorno das rendas Valorizao de capital Retorno total anualizado %Total return Total return Income return Capital growth Annualised total return %index % % %1999=100 1 yr 1 yr 1 yr 3 yrs 5 yrs 9 yrsTodos os imveis / All Property 245.9 2.6 6.1 -3.3 8.9 9.5 10.5 Retalho / Retail 285.1 0.8 6.1 -5.1 10.3 11.2 12.3Escritrios / Office 187.2 4.7 5.8 -1.0 6.2 6.3 7.2Industrial / Industrial* 173.6 4.9 6.5 -1.5 7.6 7.4 - Residencial / Residential - - - - - - - Outros / Other 262.3 5.4 6.2 -0.8 9.5 9.3 11.3* Index based in 2001Visit www.ipd.com for the latest IPD Index resultsSobre o IPD About IPDContactsPortuguese market: Luis Francisco luis.francisco@ipd.com +34 91 761 02 71+34 93 467 74 03Imomtrica: Antnio Gil Machado agil@imometrica.com +351 22 208 50 09General enquiries: Amelia Murray enquiries@ipd.com +44 (0)20 7336 4755Derivatives: Angela Sheahan angela.sheahan@ipd.com +44 (0)20 7336 9282IPD Head Office Imomtrica1 St. Johns Lane Rua Gonalo Cristvo, 14 - 6London EC1M 4BL UK 4049-037 Porto, Portugal T: +44 (0)20 7336 9200 T: +351 22 208 50 09F: +44 (0)20 7336 9399 F: +351 22 208 50 10www.ipd.com www.imometrica.comSponsors do ndice Imobilirio Anual Portugus Imomtrica / IPD Sponsors of the Imomtrica / IPD Portuguese Property IndexAguirre Newman, CB Richard Ellis, CPU Consultores de Avaliao, Cushman & Wakefield, Euroengineering, Jones Lang LaSalle* Consultative ** Indicator *** Partner IndexInformao sobre o ndice IPD Global IPD Global Index informationCountry Update frequency Country included in 2008:Pooled Fund Specialist Annual Biannual Quarterly Monthly Index Indices Pan-European Index Global IndexAustralia Austria Belgium * Canada Central Eastern Europe *Denmark Finland (KTI) *** France ** Germany Ireland Italy * Japan ** Korea * Netherlands ** New Zealand Norway ** Poland *Portugal South Africa ** Spain Sweden Switzerland UK USA (NCREIF) *** IPD O IPD um servio global de informao, com o objectivo de medir aperformance do mercado imobilirio comercial. Como lder mundial namedio e anlise de performance para proprietrios, investidores, gestorese ocupantes de imobilirio, oferecemos uma larga gama de serviosincluindo research, relatrios, benchmarking, conferncias e ndices.Operamos em mais de 20 pases incluindo a maior parte da Europa, EUA,Canad, frica do Sul, Austrlia, Nova Zelndia e Japo. Os nossos ndicesso a base para o desenvolvimento do mercado de derivados do imobiliriocomercial, e para as medidas de retorno imobilirio mais reconhecidas anvel mundial. Para mais informaes visite www.ipd.comPara mais informaes sobre os ndices do IPD, cobrindo tambm ouniverso dos ndices, a metodologia de construo e processo de clculo, oprocedimento de reviso dos ndices, e o calendrio para cada um dosndices, por favor veja o IPD Index Guide, disponvel para download emwww.ipd.com/indexguideIPD IPD is a global information business, dedicated to the objectivemeasurement of commercial real estate performance. As the worldsnumber one provider of real estate performance analysis for funds,investors, managers and occupiers, we offer a full range of servicesincluding research, reporting, benchmarking, conferences and indices. Weoperate in over 20 countries including most of Europe, the US, Canada,South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Our indices are the basisfor the developing commercial property derivatives market, and the mostauthoritative measures of real estate returns worldwide. For furtherinformation visit www.ipd.comFor more information on IPDs indices, covering the index universe, theconstruction methodology and calculation process, the index reviewprocedure, and the calculation timetable for each index, please refer to theIPD Index Guide, available to download from www.ipd.com/indexguideContribuem para o ndice Imobilirio Anual Portugus Imomtrica / IPD Contributors to the Imomtrica / IPD Portuguese Property IndexAna Aeroportos de Portugal, Alrisa *, Banif Gesto de Activos, BPI Gesto de Activos, BPN Imofundos SGFII, Chamartin Imobiliria SGPS, ESAF SGFII, Fundbox SGFII,Fundimo SGFII, Fundo de Penses do Banco de Portugal, Imorendimento SGFII, ING Real Estate Southern Europe, Millennium BCP, Mundicenter SGPS, Norfin SGFII,Redevco, Refundos SGFII, Selecta SGFII, Sonae Sierra SGPS, Square Asset Management SGFII *included in the databank but not in the index